Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Set Coming Soon

 In case it wasn’t already obvious that the LEGO NES console is likely legit, LEGO Nintendo Group has started to manually hide any replies made to its teasing tweet that show off the product’s leaked images. We grabbed a screenshot

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Set Coming Soon

According to a new report which has surfaced online today, Nintendo is set to release a LEGO Nintendo version of its classic NES console next month.

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A series of images have been shared by Chinese site VJgamer, which claims that the upcoming product includes 1:1 brick replicas of the NES itself, the controller, a cartridge, and even a TV which shows Super Mario Bros. on screen (thanks, VGC).

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It’s said that owners will be able to open the NES’ front cover and insert the LEGO Nintendo cartridge, and that the TV features a crank which can make Mario move from one side of the screen to the other.

German publication PromoBricks says that the set will launch for €229 / $250 on 1st August.

Earlier today, LEGO also shared the following tease to its official Twitter account. Is an official announcement on the way?

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The already-announced LEGO Mario sets have already been confirmed to be launching on 1st August. According to this new report, the Mario figure will work with this new NES set, plugging into the top of the TV and making sounds.

Would you like to get your hands on one of these? We’ll make sure to update this article if Nintendo or LEGO officially announces the new product.

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