Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Shifts Data Collection From Manual To Electronic

Planning Development and Special Initiatives Secretary Mathar Niaz Rana on Monday was informed that the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)


Bureau, The planning secretary chaired a meeting regarding digital transformation initiatives taken by the PBS.

PBS Member Support Services and Resource Management Sarwar Gondal briefed the planning secretary regarding major initiatives taken by PBS in the last two years pertaining to digital transformation.

The planning secretary was informed that PBS has shifted from manual data collection to electronic data collection and has developed an in house capacity to develop Android based data collection softwares, mobile application and dashboards.

The secretary was further informed that PBS is developing Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Data Dissemination Systems (DDS) which would enable policy makers to make evidence based decisions.

Furthermore, PBS officials informed that PBS has successfully conducted census and surveys including Mouza Census, Pakistan Social And Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) and Household Integrated Economic Survey (HIES) and that the data will be disseminated to the policy makers and general public through the use of dashboards.

The planning secretary appreciated the efforts made by PBS and stressed that reliable and timely data helps policy makers to take informed decisions. He said that PBS has a vast repository of data and specialised research activities should be started within PBS to provide evidence based information to policy makers.

The planning secretary further emphasised that PBS should complete all bodies formed under the General Statistics Re-organisation Act 2011 and should fill up all the vacant posts.

He further directed PBS to pinpoint issues faced by the department and devise a road map of the activities with specific timelines and objectives to achieve for the next year.

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