HRDN Live Learning Session Held On Instructor Vs Virtual Instructor Led Training

In continuation of HRDN new Initiative of Virtual learning café focused towards multidimensional ‘knowledge outreach campaign’ for its valued members and community across Pakistan through Digital Learning Solutions. 

The session was conducted by Ms. Robeela Bangesh CEO – HRDN and Syed Farhan Mahmood Managing Partner Beyond Paradigm, who gave Quick tips to the participants of the session about Instructor Led Training vs Virtual Instructor Led Training.

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Instructor led training (ILT) is the style of in-person classroom training that most people are familiar with, however In Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) a facilitator guides the learning of a new skill or idea from a virtual space, such as a web class using any online tool. VILT offers an appealing combination of personalized attention from an expert and the convenience of online learning, allowing training to happen anywhere, at any time.

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Participants of the session were also guided on different online engagement, assessment and Poling tools were used in Virtual training Sessions. 

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The session was conducted on the online platform Zoom, and the session was streamed live on HRDN official Facebook page and moderated by Burhan Raza from Beyond Paradigm.

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