Things To Know About McAfee Internet Security

While there are hundreds of antivirus software in the market, one will wonder, “why should I choose McAfee internet security?”

Things To Know About McAfee Internet Security

While there can be thousands of security software options in the market, one of the best security software that you can get is McAfee Antivirus. McAfee is a security software that is owned by the Intel Security Group. They provide computer and laptop users with the utmost antivirus protection. 

Their products are considered to be the best and most top-rated ones in the market. The brand has been on the market for over 30 years now, and its legacy of durable and secure antivirus software is still ongoing. 

McAfee does not only have one but multiple cyber-protection software that a user can choose. Whether you have a computer, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, McAfee is downloadable on any device and almost any platform. In this article, we will show you some of McAfee’s best features, pros and cons, and what makes it the best antivirus software in the market. 

Why choose McAfee?

While there are hundreds of antivirus software in the market, one will wonder, “why should I choose McAfee internet security?” The answer to that is mainly because it is owned by a reputable company known to provide security in all devices. It is full of incredible features that one can use, from having safety passwords to deleting sensitive and confidential files permanently. 

McAfee functionalities

Among its other features is its outstanding performance. McAfee antivirus software and products are globally known, and it is universal. The newest McAfee product was able to gain 98% of new malware samples and 99.9% of the current examples. 

It was a massive success for the company because it surpassed 98% for new and 99% for old ones. Unlike other security software in the market, you don’t have to worry about calling for support because McAfee’s support is easy to get. You can chat with one of their chat representatives or call them in their support hotline. Their lines are quick, but if ever there is a high volume of calls, the longest waiting time would be 2 minutes. 

If you don’t want to make a call, you can always feel free to message their chat support team. If you worry about what languages they will respond, McAfee’s chat support is offered in 20 different languages, given that they have phone support for over ten countries. 


McAfee is the most recommended and top-rated security software for computers and mobile devices. Among its advantages is its high tune-up, and it offers quick scanning compared to other software.  It is also offered in market value, so it is not that expensive.


Along with the advantages comes with a couple of downsides when using McAfee as computer security software. First, McAfee is not full of features. They sometimes lack features that are offered by other security software. Also, it only protects the web browser you are using and not the entire computer system. 

McAfee Key Features

One of the best things about McAfee is it has a privacy page that users can access. This is a new feature that shows up on the screen when you agree about the Security’s Privacy of the software. This will let you manage all your passwords and launch a default browser. 

It also offers a parental control feature that lets parents block sites and filters out malicious content websites. If you make your kids use your laptops and computers more often, it can secure your children from accessing dangerous websites for their age. 

Since there is parental control, as a parent, you can limit your child’s screen time and access to the web with a program. You can specify a time for McAfee to block time in each day or a day of the week so your children will not access it. 


If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy security software, McAfee is the best software to get into the market. It is safe for both parents and children to use whenever they access the web. It encourages a safe and more secure browsing experience than other security software, so you must not miss out on McAfee. 

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