Fawad Says, “We Will Put An Axe On Our Own Foot By Banning Technology Companies”

Talking to media Chaudhry said that if big tech companies are threatened that their services would Banning Technology, these companies would not come to Pakistan to do business. Fawad Chaudhry opined that the objection of these companies is that whenever the government wants, it imposes a ban.

Fawad Says, "We Will Put An Axe On Our Own Foot By Banning Technology Companies"

It may be recalled that the Supreme Court had said in its remarks during a hearing on objectionable content on social media on Wednesday said that everyone becomes an ‘uncle’ on YouTube.

Taking notice of objectionable content being shared on YouTube and other social media platforms, the Supreme Court (SC) issued notices to the Foreign Office and the Attorney General in this regard.

Earlier, Chaudhry slammed the PTA and the country’s legal authorities for Banning Technology and social media apps. The minister was of the view that the ‘courts and PTA should stay away from ‘moral policing’.

“Courts and PTA must stay away from moral policing and Ban Approach, such bans on internet-based apps will destroy Pakistan tech industry and development of technology will be permanently hampered,” said Chaudhry in a tweet post on Wednesday.

Originally published at Business recorder

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