Home Education Tips and Best Apps

In this article, Maguire Haigh discusses the pros and cons of home education and also, we will help you with some tips to make the most out of home education.

Home Education Tips and Best Apps

Now the world is going through a difficult phase. We all are confined to our home boundary. Our kids are feeling restricted since they cannot explore the outside world and cannot continue their school as well. However, we cannot compromise their education. The world is looking for the best alternatives to keep the young and dynamic mind engaged and motivated. Home education and online classes are steps in this direction.

Parents are using some advanced tools to improve the process of home education. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of home education. Also, we will help you with some tips to make the most out of home education.

Keep reading to know how to create a healthy learning environment for your kids inside your home.

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Pros of Home Education

Home education is more flexible and convenient. Online education makes it easier for young kids to learn without venturing the outside world. In the current condition, you cannot allow your kids to mingle with people, and even with their peers and teachers. We do not know who is infected. They do not need to travel and get ready for school. They can attend the class from their home. All they need is a laptop, desktop, tablet, or any kind of computer and an internet connection. Kids will be familiar with the new technologies, and they will enjoy the innovation as well.

Cons of Home Education

When it comes to negatives, they will not be as disciplined as they can be while attending regular classes. They will have a problem in communication once the school reopens. The teachers will have less control over students. More importantly, parents’ involvement will be more, and teachers will feel restricted when parents will be around.

Now we are aware of the pros and downsides of home education. Next, we will know how to make the most out of home education. You will have to manage your time properly.

You need to use advanced tools to make online education more effective.

Time Management

During this pandemic, most parents are working from home. So, they need to take extra measures to balance their work and education of kids. They can use their free hours for kids’ learning. Also, they can consider some time management apps such as Clockify, Rescue time, and Kiwake to make things easier for them. With proper management, they can constructively use every possible moment. They will have time for fun, education, and a lot of things that can make life easier at this difficult time.

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They can inspire their kids to learn new languages. Kids can learn fast and can be benefited from different languages. Some apps that include Duolingo and Busuu can be helpful in this regard. These online language learning tools can help to learn new and different languages. Also, they follow a gamified approach to make learning fun and easier.


Zoom can be used for a video conference with classmates or tutor. Tutors and students can communicate and create a healthy learning environment without leaving their respective places. Zoom is an easy to use platform that enables users to collaborate, record sessions, and share screens.


Another reliable tutor platform is Preply. Users can use Spokeo reverse phone lookup to inquire about tutors and choose a reputed name for the home education for their kids. Phone number lookup could be effective to give you genuine and accurate information so that you can decide on the best teachers.

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Preply pairs tutors with students and uses machine learning to make education flexible for students as well as private tutors.


You can use some open libraries to enable your kids to access online libraries. They can read all their favourite books and utilize their free time to learn something new and expand their thought. You might need to pay a minimal amount. Free options are also available.


Another platform is Interpals. This is best for international friends and tutors. You can consider this option to learn new languages, cultural exchanges, and online education.

Wrapping Up

The advent of new technologies offers many opportunities to boost knowledge without classroom learning. You just need to choose the right tool to create a perfect learning environment for your kids.

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