iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees

July 27, 2020 – iTecknologi Group of Companies has posted an annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees during the FY 2019-20.

iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees

iTecknologi Group posts annual revenue of 1 Billion Rupees : he management lead by the Group Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Salman Hussain, extended their gratitude towards all its personnel, partners, customers and stakeholders for their hard-work, commitment and patronage that resulted in this great success.

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Commemorating this milestone, Mr. Salman said, “With the grace of Almighty Allah, we have accomplished a lot within a very short span of time. We owe our success to the untiring efforts and passion of our teams.

This huge milestone has renewed our belief that: Constant innovations and a vision to go beyond our customers’ expectations, with better customer-care and effective solutions, is the only way to excel and become an industry leader.

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Today, we have raised the standards of performance for the entire technology industry, as we continue to enrich our products and services with a greater vision.”

iTecknologi is a leading enterprise with more than 700 group employees and 100 partners, achieving robust growth, with pioneering ventures in various commercial sectors, to offer; Asset-Tracking and Security, GIS and Mapping, Internet-of-Things, Software and Automation Solutions.

It has introduced a revolutionary ‘Data on Things’ technology, and is also a leading player in logistics and food industries. For details;

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The group companies are operating in six countries – USA, UAE, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These include; iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security, The Coder – Smart-security with invisible & inaudible 4th Gen technologies, iTecknologi Logistics, NorthStar Navigation – Cutting-edge GIS solutions & Mapping.

New York Pizza – high quality food business and CARROS – Fleet-Management & Rent-a-Car services.

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