Bitdefender Internet Security Review: A Robust Security System

An antivirus software is sure to take care of potential threats to you and your system. A good antivirus software for you is the Bitdefender Internet Security.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review: A Robust Security System

If you have an internet connection, you’re sure to experience many benefits that come along with having one. Some benefits of having an internet connection include on-demand streaming, online transactions, and access to online games, to name a few.

Sure, using the internet yields many benefits. However, there’s also a security risk as the internet is a free platform. And when you’re at risk, cybercriminals can exploit your vulnerability for their own malicious deeds, such as getting any personal information that’s stored in your computer. Not to worry, as there’s something that can help you with that: antivirus software.

An antivirus software is sure to take care of potential threats to you and your system. A good antivirus software for you is the Bitdefender Internet Security (IS). You’re probably asking now, “What does it do?”. No worries, we’ll get there.

Below is a comprehensive Bitdefender Internet Security review.

Bitdefender Internet Security

As stated before, Bitdefender Internet Security is an antivirus and anti-malware software. The usual characteristics of an antivirus software is there, especially the key function which is to eliminate viruses and malware that can potentially harm your system.

However, there are other key features that add to the overall experience of using Bitdefender IS as your default security system for your PC.

Security and safety

The interface itself is pretty straightforward and is easy to navigate. As it’s an antivirus software, obviously there’s a virus scanner. This feature works well because scanning for viruses is a quick process. Another great feature is that Bitdefender Internet Security has its own firewall. Instead of using a third-party VPN, you can use Bitdefender’s provided VPN instead.

For increased security, Bitdefender IS has a feature called “SafePay”. When you access a financial or bank website, Bitdefender gives you an option to open the said website in SafePay. SafePay is a separate process altogether and gives you protection while you use financial or bank websites. There’s also a webcam protection feature so that you wouldn’t get creeped on through your own webcam.

Another good bonus feature from the Bitdefender Internet Security system is the Vulnerability scanner, which scans and identifies necessary security patches that are missing in your system.

There’s also a spam filter which automatically sorts spam and filters them out from your e-mail inbox. With the Bitdefender Internet Security system, there’s also a parental control feature which lets you regulate the internet usage of your children. You can block websites and categories of specific types of content. You can also set a limit on how long your children has access to the internet connection before the parental control settings kick in.

The cons

While seemingly perfect, the Bitdefender Internet Security system does have several flaws. One is that it’s a little pricey compared to close competitors. Another is that the basic version of the software can only protect one PC. If you want to have cross-platform support, you’ll have to go for the more expensive options.

The verdict

To say that the Bitdefender Internet Security system is an excellent antivirus software is an understatement. There’re flaws present, but those flaws in question are not really related to the software itself but rather to the cost of the software. Regardless of that, the Bitdefender IS system is a must-have antivirus software. Not only that, but it’s also available on various platforms aside from PCs, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s packed with various features that protect you immensely, so there’s not much of threat anymore whenever you use internet.

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