Tania Aidrus Resigns As SAPM on Digital Pakistan

Tania Aidrus put her resignation to PM from SAPM on Digital Pakistan on her dual nationality issue, explained in details in a Twitter message

Tania Aidrus Resigns As SAPM on Digital Pakistan

In her Twitter message, Tania Aidrus explained the reason for her resignation, saying that she had come to Pakistan with a dream of a digital Pakistan, which was in line with the Prime Minister’s vision, but now the situation was not right for her, so, she is resigning from her designation voluntarily.

Responding to objections to her Canadian citizenship, Tania Aidrus said that the issue of Canadian citizenship was beyond her control because she was a Canadian by birth. But these objections will stand in the way of his vision of a digital Pakistan, she disagrees.

She lamented that instead of appreciating her work as a Pakistani, she was pointing fingers at it.

Tania Aidrus also said in her Twitter message that the state is being criticized as a result of her citizenship status, which is undermining the purpose of Digital Pakistan. She says she is resigning from the role of SAPM in the wider public interest, but she will continue to serve the vision of her country and the Prime Minister to the best of her ability.

Commenting on her resignation, Waqar Zaka the Social Media activist tweeted “good to see @taidrus resigned from this ban culture based digital Pakistan please do a press conference or at least come live with me for a live session.

Responding her tweet, renowned social media mentor Mir Mohammad Ali Khan (MirMAK) called it ridiculous. He said, “Anybody who wants to work for Pakistan is maligned. Anybody who wants to loot Pakistan is facilitated. This is not acceptable.”

He further added, “Your resignation SHOULD NOT be accepted. We cannot afford to keep losing the “Brains” of progress.”

Highlighting the issue of dual nationality a Tweeter handler Wajih Sheikh states that out of 15 SAPM there are  6 others  who have dual nationality, he also mentioned their names.

From a long time Tania was in news about her assignment as lead role in Digital Pakistan and her affiliation with Digital Pakistan Foundation, as well as her dual nationality.

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