5 Zoom Features, Users Are Not Aware Which Are More Fun And Useful

However, many aren’t aware about some Zoom Features that can be really helpful and make your video calls more fun and useful.

5 Zoom Features That Users Are Not Aware Which Are More Fun & Useful

Zoom Features, Despite facing criticism, Zoom has managed to make its way to the top when it comes to video calling platform. Ever since the ‘Zoombombing’ incident, the US-firm has tried its best to make it feature rich and secure. However, while most of us use Zoom for video calls and meetings, many aren’t aware about some features that can be really helpful and make your video calls more fun and usef. So, we compiled a list. Check it out.

You can record calls on Zoom

Zoom also allows users to record their video conferences. The video recording facility is available on apps like Skype as well. To record a videoconference, go to settings, then recordings and toggle the button to start. There will also be a prompt to show that you’re recording a video.

Make your videos brighter and add touch up

Since it’s all about video calls, you customise the ‘touch up’ level and increase the brightness so others can look at you clearly. This can be done from the ‘Video Settings’ option. You can drag the intensity bar for each to see the changes on the screen.

React if not talk or text

There’s a new feature that can help you show how you feel without actually chatting or texting. The reactions can be posted for different users. There are five standard options including applause, like, heart, laugh, amaze and celebrate.

Resizing videos and move it in any direction

It often happens that people give presentation on screens as well. However, in such situations, the video will now overlay on the side as a box, which you can move anywhere on the screen and resize as well. Nifty, right?

Background changing

One of the most unique features of Zoom is ability to change the background. The feature has allowed users to become more creative with their video conferences. Interestingly enough, rivals such as Microsoft Teams have also launched background changing feature. To get started, open Zoom app, go to in-app settings, choose virtual background, and select the image you want. You can choose from the preset themes or upload your own.

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