Government To Provide Subsidy Of Rs 925 Per Bag On DAP Fertilizer

The government will soon finalize a uniformed method to provide subsidy of Rs 925 per bag on DAP fertilizer to farmers across the country,


Parliamentary Secretary for National food Security and Research Muhammad Ameer Sultan informed the National Assembly on Tuesday.

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Responding to a calling attention notice regarding non provision of subsidy on fertilizer and seed to the farmers, he said the government has approved Rs 50 billion package for the agriculture sector out of which Rs 37 billion will be used to provide subsidy to farmers on DAP.

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The secretary said that provinces had been asked to share procedure for giving of subsidy to farmers on the DAP.

He said Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had shared their procedure while Federal government was still waiting response from Sindh province.

The subsidy scheme, he said, would be implemented through provinces and it seemed, the provinces will agree to disburse the subsidy amount through scratch card scheme.

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He said that the relief package also aimed to boost agriculture production, support farmers and enhance per acre farm income to alleviate poverty from the country.

He said that agriculture sector was the top priority of Imran Khan’s government.

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