PUBG Launches Special Event on Pakistan’s 74th Independence Day

Special Event, which is planned to run until August 24, gives players the ability to compete at multiple new locations based on Pakistan’s famous historical and cultural sites.


Special Event, The event is called ‘It’s Beautiful, It’s Pakistan’ and is supposed to be a “token of appreciation for all the love and support shown by its loyal player base here in Pakistan”, the game’s developers said. Allowing players to “journey from one exemplary monument to the other, from the comfort of their homes”.

Tagging along are some PUBG-themed wallpapers of these monuments, including Mizar-e-Quaid, Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque, Derawar Fort, Chitral and Hingol National Parks, Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Bahwalpur’s Noor Mahal, Faisalabad Clock Tower, and Ziarat Residency.

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