Biometric Authentication Uses In Pakistan To Issue Transit Cards

Before officially inaugurating the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Peshawar, Pakistan has started using biometric authentication to issue 100,000 free Zu cards at more than a dozen stations, Menafn reports.

Citizens have lined up in large queues to go through biometric verification in order to receive the cards with a Rs 100 (US$0.60) balance, available on a first come, first served basis. BRT operations are conducted by The TransPeshawar Company. Citizens who refuse biometric fingerprint verification, will not receive a card. With the funds available on the card, they can travel about 80 kilometers.

Before the official inauguration date is announced, the government wants to meet to discuss potential issues that may arise.

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According to the Divisional Commissioner Ishrat Ali, Rs 8.46 billion (nearly $50 million) have been provided to over 700,000 people under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in four districts, writes Urdu Point. Each person received Rs 12,000 ($71), the process sped up with biometric verification and the help of deputy commissioners, police, army and rangers in the area. Due to COVID-19, social distancing measures were respected, as well as hand sanitizer was provided to protect citizens.

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By May, Pakistan’s biometric authentication COVID-19 benefits scheme had disbursed 112 billion Pakistani Rupees (roughly $695 million).

Pakistan has also collaborated with Punjab Information Technology Board, Pakistan is introducing a digital driving license system for Punjab citizens to optimize the driving license application process.

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