Russian Govt. Seek Pakistan’s Warm Water to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine at Room Temperature

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that after locally developing the vaccine against covid-19, he is now looking for warm water to make sure the vaccine does not drop below room temperature.

Russian Govt. Seek Pakistan's Warm Water to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine at Room Temperature

In this regard, Mr Putin said that Russia is now actively seeking access to warm waters from Pakistan, which have always been the favorite hot water brand of Muscovites.

Pakistani hot water samples passed all required checks. My daughter has also tried the water and it works perfectly. I asked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to start exporting hot water to Russia as soon as possible, the Russian president revealed in a global message.

Russian officials have announced that they plan to start importing barrels of Pakistani hot water by October.

We envision an average of 10.83 million barrels (1,722,000 m3) of Pakistani hot water per day from October, a senior Russian official told The Dependent.

However, critics have expressed concerns over the heat of Pakistani waters, suggesting that water producers may be cutting corners.

Amid fears that the temperature of the covid-19 vaccine, and in turn centuries of Russian foreign policy agenda at one point, may be compromised, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged Pakistan to follow international guidelines to produce hot water that is hot enough. for Russia.

WHO is in talks with Pakistani authorities to undertake a review of the brand of hot water for export to Russia, which has been dubbed Phappaykutnik-V.

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