Persona 5, Anime Coming To Funimation With English Subtitles

The Animation is coming to Funimation with English subtitles and the brand new English dub beginning tomorrow, August 18.


You are never going to see that coming! Persona 5. The Anime is coming to Funimation with English subtitles and the brand new English dub starting tomorrow, August 18.

The famous anime streaming service teased a Persona 5. This morning’s animation-related launch, tweeting a picture of the Phantom Thieves signature calling card in the middle with the P5A logo. Most fans immediately suspected that he was on his way to an announcing the anime coming to the website.

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Since the site officially revealed that the anime adaptation of Atlus’ mega-hit JRPG Persona 5 will be available for streaming on their website, the expectations of fans were proved true a few hours later. The series will be available in English subtitles, along with the all-new English dub for the first time ever. If that wasn’t quite exciting enough, the anime will formally debut tomorrow, August 18, on Funimation.

Funimation will carry all 26 episodes of the anime until the series is released, including two OVA’s, “Dark Sun …” and “Stars and Ours.”

The Animation released back in Japan after the release of the game in 2016. The English subtitled version has been available for streaming to Western audiences through Crunchyroll until this summer, with no official plans for an English translation. Nonetheless, Aniplex revealed in early July 2020 that the show will receive an official English dub with all the main voice actors returning from the game.

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While they wait in a few hours for the official release, fans can check out Aniplex’s official trailer of the English dub.

The only known way to watch the show with the English voice actors at the time of the first announcement of the English dub was to buy Aniplex’s $300 Blu-Ray box set featuring all of the episodes. Of course, the limited release and exorbitant price tag angered fans. Thankfully, they now seem to have a much cheaper alternative, as the $5.99 / month subscription to Funimation (which includes their entire anime library of both subbed and dubbed titles) is considerably less costly than the Blu-Ray box collection.

The Funimation Animation premieres starting tomorrow, August 18, both sub-bedded and dubbed. Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal are now available, for the PlayStation 4 only.

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A Persona 5 Royal data miner has found a cut scene that confirms that a beloved character once presumed dead is still alive.

The cut scene has been discovered by Persona 5 Royal Pan-hime data miner (@regularpanties on Twitter), who noticed the scene in the game’s Chinese creation. Twitter user @jugglepup helped translate the scene into English, and gaming YouTuber Faz has uploaded the video.

Note that although the in-game date at the top left corner reads “5/16” which is only a placeholder date and is not indicative of the actual date in which this cut scene would have occurred.

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