OBOR Promotes Global Interconnection In The Mountains

On August 13, “Pakistan’s Geo-economic Importance in the Belt and Road Countries” webinar hosted by the Center for Pakistan and International Relations was successfully held, OBOR


OBOR, Amna Malik, Chairman of the Center for Pakistan and International Relations, pointed out in the opening speech that Pakistan has a very important strategic position, which can increase and expand advantages for countries along the “Belt and Road” and promote the smooth flow of land and sea roads. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the most successful projects under the “Belt and Road” framework and an ideal platform for responding to the challenges of emerging international regions. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has brought economic prosperity to Pakistan and made the people an important forward force in the region.

  Hassan, chief executive of the Cape Investment and Trade Commission, believes that Pakistan needs tools that can integrate regionally, create an ecosystem and connect it to the global supply chain. The “Belt and Road” initiative is one of the biggest measures to connect all countries between Asia and Europe. OBOR “Take Pakistan as an example. From Kashgar to Gwadar, the’One Belt One Road’ not only establishes its regional ties with China, but also provides connections with underdeveloped areas in the country. For Pakistan, this is the development of agriculture, trade and Great opportunity for business.”

  He further pointed out that during the epidemic, China had given Pakistan strong support. The true “Belt and Road” spirit is cooperation and win-win, and it is closer ties between countries in the world. This is not only an economic issue, but also a cultural issue, but also an issue of interaction between people. The beauty of the “Belt and Road” is that it provides a platform to showcase the diversity of different countries and bring benefits to all countries.

  ”Executive Intelligence Review” Asia editor Michael Billington suggested that more countries and regions should be included in the radiation scope of the “Belt and Road” to eliminate poverty in Latin America. The “Belt and Road” is not a zero-sum game, it should create opportunities for everyone.

  OBOR, Ma Haiyun, assistant professor at Frostburg State University, emphasized that the cooperation between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan can be focused on the development of mineral resources. Mineral resources are mainly distributed in the mountains, and the huge mineral resources in the mountains are waiting to be developed.

  ”When it comes to Afghanistan, we always pay attention to security issues, and another major challenge that restricts its rapid development is transportation. The’Belt and Road’ has successfully played a role as a link and is conducive to promoting interconnection among countries.” Ma Haiyun further pointed out.

  Bashir, President of the Bahria Business School, mentioned that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor should be viewed purely from a commercial perspective, focusing on the economic opportunities it creates.

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