Pak Suzuki To Discontinue Suzuki Swift From 2021 In Pakistan

It has been decided by Pak Suzuki to discontinue Suzuki Swift in the country from 2021. The company in a statement revealed that it will halt the production of the 1300cc in August 2021. 

The company revealed that it will manufacture 2,432 units of Swift from August 2020 to August 2021.

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Pakwheels reported that Pak Suzuki gave details regarding its car production for next year. The company will manufacture 668 DLX NAV variants and 2423 AT NAV variants in 2021.

Furthermore, Pak Suzuki told its business partners that the overall production quantity would be same. But the monthly quantity can differ, according to the demand of the customers.  

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The company said, “The last order from suppliers for imported material must be done according to the stock available at supplier’s premises.”

Furthermore, Pak Suzuki said that orders that are in process and stock at Pak Suzuki Motors Company Ltd (PSMC) will be considered as well.

Pak Suzuki advised its suppliers to follow the orders given by PMSC strictly.

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Adding, “The suppliers must also consider the stock at PSMC before the placement of the last order.”

The company revealed that Pak Suzuki has paid the suppliers unamortized tooling cost of all “In Supply Parts” of Swift.

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