Stimulation Of Cyber Security And CPEC

World has become connected via internet, and cyber space has played an important role in all over the world.

Authors: Irteza Hassham and Priyanka Essrani

Abstract and Introduction:

In the vision of CPEC, Pakistan is one of those country targeted by cybercrime and there are no such policies made regarding Cyber threats, where as China is the country very popular in cyber activities, it has assigned many comprehensive policies, laws and institutions which has transformed the national and international cyberspace Platform.  Pakistan along with China is playing active part in cooperation process for international cyberspace treaty by the help of all the committees because running any projects need the complete security of threats. Pakistan has vulnerable condition of cyber space and that need to be gear up to face competition related to CPEC.

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  • Create a Risk Management Team
  • Catalog Information Assets
  • Assess Risks
  • Analyze the risk
  • Set Security Controls
  • Review the effectiveness

Policy Recommendation:

  • Stable knowledge and skillful workers.
  • Awareness of the phenomena on cybercrime
  • Enforcement of Cyber Security Laws

Result and Conclusion:

Currently Pakistan has no such existing laws to tackle the cyber threats. The available framework to treat cybercrime is inadequate and quite inactive to catch the cybercrime and address the threats and cybercrime. After applying the above methods surely the economic condition of CPEC will be improved. Pakistan Army has proposed a new substitute network along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route for protected flow of the internet traffic as the current agenda involve Indian companies posing security risk. Both countries emphasize on the establishment of reliable international cyberspace regime that Promotes mutual cooperation and have agreed to bridge the cyberspace development gaps. A new substitute network system to be set up in Gwadar for the flow of internet passage safely. Along with that the new fiber optic project, the cable of 820 KM to improve the IT System of the country.

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