10 Xbox Series X Consoles For Aussie Gamers To Find And Win

Aussie gamers and internet sleuths the chance to be among the first to get their hands on the Xbox Series X consoles when it lands later this year with a virtual treasure hunt.

To celebrate the impending arrival of the brand new Xbox family of consoles, we’re giving Aussie gamers and internet sleuths the chance to be among the first to get their hands on the Xbox Series X when it lands later this year with a virtual treasure hunt.

This is a big day – the moment millions of gamers around the world have been waiting for. We know the wait for the next generation of Xbox consoles has been long and hard. We’re looking forward to trying the Xbox Series X for ourselves, but we wanted to reward Aussie fans by giving you a jump on pre-orders – as long as you’ve got the puzzle-solving chops.

X Marks The Spot is eXactly what it sounds like. We’ve hidden 10 Xbox Series X consoles in virtual locations around our corner of the ‘net for eagle-eyed fans to find, with a distinctive mark giving you a pretty good idea of what you’ve found. Each location has been picked for its significance to Telstra or Xbox, and the prize is worth the effort: the first eligible hunter who successfully finds one of the virtual locations using the clue to that virtual location will get their hands on the equivalent of an Xbox All Access package from Telstra, including an Xbox Series X console as well as a 24-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

As gamers, you know how to approach complex and unconventional challenges and solve them as efficiently and effectively as possible. We all play in different ways though – a speed-runner might try to tackle the problem as fast as possible, but if you’ve played Portal then you understand the value of having a good hard think before you dive in. If gaming to you means a session of Candy Crush on your phone on the train to work, then you’ve got the right stuff too – put those logic skills to work.

We want you to use those tried and tested talents to track down the hidden consoles. This treasure hunt will end when all the consoles have been found, but we think we’ve put together some pretty hard clues, so it might even stretch until the end of the promotion period on 22 September at 12 midday (AEST). When you’re submitting your entry, we want to know two key things – which clue you’re responding to, and where (you think) you’ve found the answer. Copy and paste the website address (URL) of the page when you’ve found it, and let us know using the entry form below.

Each location will be revealed as it’s unearthed, so you won’t be stuck looking where an Xbox console has already been found. If we think you need them, we might also drop additional clues in the coming days, so check back here regularly to find the latest updates. If that sounds up your alley, head down the page for the full list of locations and clues to get you started. Terms and conditions apply.

Locations and Clues

  1. Messy slurp without first rinsing gets us rewards
  2. The first awestruck, fierce legends before ten amateurs led to a different competition
  3. We’ve come a long way since Emily Valentine tied up her boots
  4. Running out of time to master Call Me Maybe on Just Dance (can’t explain why yet tho)
  5. What is that place which cradles the iron, born of the forge. After tired and tried days on the battlefield? My axe rests here
  6. The dandy dropped 500 to shout us a writing tool, but he’s still a great boss among the birds
  7. Learning to fly is hard, but we’ve been looking into it, and you’ll never hear us say you shouldn’t get involved
  8. Broccoli mixed with football to focus on the task at hand
  9. Sounds like 100 takers in this seafaring game
  10. Navigating initially north by north, a simple changing service
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