Xbox Game Pass Ultimate To Receive 150 Plus Games

The Corporate Vice President of Cloud Gaming, revealed that there will be more than 150 games for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play via the cloud in 22 countries.

Xbox released a little bit of new information this morning on their cloud gaming library launch, as well as new Xbox Game Pass titles. The word came down in a blog post from Kareem Choudhry, the Corporate Vice President of Cloud Gaming at Microsoft, who revealed that there will be more than 150 games for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play via the cloud in 22 countries. That program will kick off tomorrow, September 15th. What’s more, they will have access to 167 games when the feature becomes available with regular updates. There’s also a number of games being added to the services this month, which thet revealed here, which will be active starting on September 17th. Here’s a bit from the blog talking about the system.

As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, you can discover the freedom and flexibility the cloud brings to your gaming experience. One of the key benefits of cloud gaming is that it gives you more choices in how to play. Because your Xbox profile resides in the cloud, you can easily continue your Wasteland 3 play through that you began on your living-room Xbox console on your Android phone or tablet. It’s perfect for those times when you want to get in a gaming session while away from home or when your shared TV or console is occupied. With the cloud, a game like Sea of Thieves can transform into a great couch co-op experience with multiple people playing across console, PC, and mobile devices in the same room.

Additionally, cloud gaming as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now opens up the world of Xbox to those who may not own a console at all. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, gamers need only an Android phone or tablet and a supported controller to join in on the fun of Xbox gaming while enjoying the full benefits of the Xbox ecosystem. This includes friends, achievements, parties and voice chat, cloud saves and the ability to enjoy multiplayer with other gamers, irrespective of whether they are playing on console or via the cloud. You can also play with PC players in games where cross-play with Xbox One consoles is supported, such as Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 and more.

Finally, cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate makes it easier than ever before to play games with your friends. Because members have access to a common library, members immediately have dozens of multiplayer games at their disposal that they can play together. And best of all, if you’re all playing together via the cloud, the games are all ready to go, so you and your friends can all jump in and start playing in seconds. Whether you’re playing with friends on an Xbox One, or if you’re playing with someone experiencing Xbox for the first time through cloud gaming on a mobile device, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings you together and makes for the best gaming experience.

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