First Standalone Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Wuhan

France-Based Total S.A. Has Brought Its Electric Charging Services Into China With The Launch Of Its First Standalone Electric Vehicle…

First Standalone Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Wuhan

Charging Station In Wuhan On Tuesday,

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With an eye on becoming a significant player in the Standalone EV market across China within the coming years.

Equipped with 12 units of 120 kW dual chargers, the Standalone EV charging station provides fast charging service to the public for both commercial fleets and private customers.

“As early as 1999, Total began to operate its first wholly owned service stations in Wuhan, and extended to a network of more than 300 service stations both independently and in joint efforts with local partners across the country,” said Ian Lepetit, president of Total China Investment. “The pilot EV charging station marks a new start to address the rapid growth in the EV charging market of China, and we sincerely hope to forge a solid foundation toward future success, starting in the city.”

As the fastest and largest-growing EV market, China accounts for around 50 percent of the world’s battery EV sales. By 2030, approximately 80 percent of EV charging in China is expected to be done at destination, forecourt and fleet hub charge points.

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In 2018, Total acquired G2mobility, the French leader in smart charging solutions, and went on to establish “Total EV Charge”, devoted entirely to electric mobility.

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“Current growth in the EV industry is bringing charging solutions into a new era in terms of ambition and capacity, and our ambition is to deliver to our customers top-notch charging services wherever we do operate charging points,” said Pierre Clasquin, vice-president of Total EV Charge.

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