Know-how To Make Client-Engaging Videos? Follow These 7 Tips

Simply creating client-engaging videos will not do if you do not post them on right platforms and you must get hold of the perfect distribution channels.

Know How To Make Client Engaging Videos? Follow These 7 Tips

Do you know someone who remains glued to those videos on YouTube? Have you ever wondered what makes them hard to resist? Well, different companies advertise their products and services by presenting visual content to the users. They have different ways of making their videos more engaging.

One mistake and video marketing can prove to be a setback for a company instead of bringing it good profit. Fortunately, some great tips can help companies and marketers in creating client-engaging videos. Let’s have a look at the seven most important ones below:

1. Have the Focus on Story Instead of Sale

Earlier, where social media did not exist, companies had to rent space on popular media platforms like print and TV. They did so to get an audience for their advertisements. In these present times, brands can do the same thing and reach the exact number of people but more directly.

Here, businesses need to understand that branded advertising has the potential of competing with entertainment. If they want their videos to be watched, they need to make it entertaining.

The videos should have some value for the viewers. The viewers are likely to ignore videos completely focused on brands and driving sales. Top-quality video content is one that narrates a story connecting with the viewers.

Be good at story-telling, and nothing can stop you from getting more views on your videos!

2. Spark Curiosity

When the prospective buyers or viewers on the social media channels are not fully informed about a certain video and its content, they will be curious to watch more of it. Here the information gap approach works in sparking curiosity.

When the viewers have a knowledge gap between what they know and what they want to know, they will be compelled to take action for filling this void. So, what you need to work on is evoking curiosity in the viewers by using thought-provoking and simple video headlines and descriptions.

When trying to post video content on YouTube, it works to use a free Youtube video editor. This will help you edit your visual content in a way that stimulates curiosity while leaving several unanswered questions.

3. Remember the Intros Are Very Important

The first few seconds of a video are very crucial. This is because online viewers have a very short attention span. If they do not get value right at the beginning of a video, they will likely drop the watch instantly.

So, if you are looking to create a client-engaging video, make sure to use the Instagram video editor that will help you bring your content to life. Different intro makers can also be used for producing introductions that instantly gather the interest of the people while they scroll through feeds.

Clarity is what you must work on in the introduction. The opening seconds on your video should offer viewers the confidence that what they are going to watch is worth their time.

4. Work on Optimizing the Videos

Search engine optimization is not just relevant for websites and blogs but even for videos considering that several social media platforms have become the largest search engines online. People now use these platforms for finding specific visual content and for getting broad information.

Hence, you must take some practical steps that can help in making your videos easy to be found on the platforms. First of all, work on the titles. These are good at catching the attention of the viewers. So, keep them short and informative.

Add keywords to the descriptions while including links to the site. Use proper tags with varied keywords. Think about the different things that the online viewers might be in the lookout of. Link-building efforts should show up.

5. Post-Simple and Clear Videos

Visual content that is too complicated and unclear will surely keep the viewers away from connecting with your brand. If you are raving for more views, remain bent on providing sufficient information for the people to decide whether they want to go through it or not.

Get the right format for your videos and do not expect that the viewers will be watching it for more than 10 minutes. So, come up with informative and accurate synopsis. The best is to showcase three to four advantages that the viewers will get post watching the content.

Transcribing your video will also be advantageous. This will help you in giving content in text format to the viewers. They will be able to read it first and then watch the video if they want to. Furthermore, this will help search engines crawl the video content.

6. Choose Distribution Outlets Carefully

Simply creating client-engaging videos will not do if you do not post them on the right platforms. To engage further, you must get hold of the perfect distribution channels. This way, you will be able to deliver content to the right audience.

In short, this means delivering videos to different locations where you know you will find viewers for your content. First of all, use it on your site. It does not matter whether you have good traffic or not. You never know the new video on your site might bring in new visitors and improve your site’s performance.

7. Keep Analyzing the Performance of Your Videos

Some of you might consider this tip as “not-crucial”. However, it will help you understand the things that are going wrong in your visual content. Once you realize your faults, you can work on them and get everything in place.


In recent times, considering that videos have made inroads into the digital marketing arena, more and more organizations are using them as powerful promotional tools. They are using visual content for promoting their wares most engagingly and excitingly.

But it is not easy to make money online simply by posting product and company-relevant videos. The field of video marketing thrives on some definitive rules. And businesses need to stick to these rules to get their content right.

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