Senate Committee Discusses Efficient Use Of Power Conservation

The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology in its meeting held on Tuesday here discussed in details the challenges confronted in use of efficient technology to Power Conservation.

Senate Committee Discusses Efficient Use Of Power Conservation

Senate Committee Discusses Efficient Use Of Power Conservation : Chaired by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, the meeting commenced with a detailed overview of the Point of Order by Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak that was raised in the House on 26 August, 2020 regarding the importance of reducing electricity consumption in Pakistan.

Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak, shared with the Committee the difference of energy consumption between summer and winter months that amounted to a difference of 17000 MW.

He asserted that the major issue was the use of fans and appliances with a 1 star rating which was disastrous in terms of energy consumption.

He asserted that it was imperative that the Star Rating System, prevalent in the rest of the world be adopted.

He also was of the view that electric vehicles be introduced. The major challenge for this, as informed by the Ministry of Science and Technology was reluctance of the Industry in adopting related technology due to increasing costs.

The consumers too would abstain from adopting this due to price hikes.

The Committee was informed that these appliances would not burden the consumers’ pockets if government subsidy is paid.

The Committee directed PSQCA to formulate standards for adaptation of the Star System and revert to the Committee at the earliest.

After detailed deliberation on the issue The Committee directed Secretary MoST to consult with all stakeholders and present a report in the next meeting.

While being briefed by Chairman Intellectual Property Organization, the Committee expressed its concern regarding the tedious process of registering an idea or invention.

The Committee was informed that the process in Pakistan was way less than in other countries.

However, timelines may decrease if the correct process is followed that would reduce glitches. In order to facilitate national inventors and applicants IPO has designed outreach programs and send Patent Experts for IP awareness sessions.

Patent filing workshops are also held.

IP Help Desks and Technology Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) have also been established. Patent examination can be conducted in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

In the past ten years, numerous well-known universities have filed for patenting.

The Committee recommended that clusters of Universities be formed so that in the least one TISC is delegated to it.

The Committee ratified nomination of Senator Prof Dr Mehr Taj Roghani as Member of the board of Governors of the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology by the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology.

The meeting was attended by Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, Senator Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah, Senator Gianchand, Senator Kamran Michael, Senator Muhammad Asad Ali Khan Junejo, Senator Sassui Palijo, Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak and senior officers from the Ministry of Science and Technology, HEC, PSQCA, PCSIR, CUI along with all concerned.

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