Pakistan Plays Leading Role For Climate Change Solution, Malik Amin

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Solution Malik Amin Aslam said on Wednesday the world had to be united on the issue of climate change to save the earth.

Addressing as a chief guest at a programme to celebrate the World Ozone Day jointly organised by the Ministry of Climate Change and Heating Ventilation and Refrigeration (HVACR) Society here, he said developing countries had more been affected by the climate change than the developed ones.

He said Pakistan was playing a leading role in the world for the solution of the climate change effects and it would convert its 60 per cent energy generation till 2025 from old thermal technology to an alternative green technology like wind power, solar and hydel power generation.

The SAPM said all energy projects under the CPEC were also being converted to green technology, adding the PTI government was working to evacuate state land from land grabbers which was being converted to green areas.

He said that currently the government had evacuated 3,500 acre land in Balloki and declared it a national park besides making a forest.

Amin Aslam said that Pakistan had become the 5th most affected country of the climate change, adding that floods and changes in monsoon system had badly affected the country.

He said that Pakistan played a prominent role in successful implementation of the Montreal Protocol in the country which ensured reduction of hole in the ozone.

He added nature had a protective shield in the form of ozone layer which protected the earth from ultra-violet rays and only heat reached the earth.

“The Montreal Protocol is a part of the Vienna Convention which is presented as a successful model and it is celebrated across the world,” he added. “Pakistan has made great efforts in the implementation of the Montreal Protocol,” he said.

He added the PTI government had successfully completed one-billion trees programme and now it had decided to plant 10 billion trees across the country to tackle the ozone and climate change issues.

He thanked the private sector, especially the HVACR ,for organizing and celebratingthe event.

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