Government To Introduce Biodiversity Monitoring Programmes

The government is planning to introduce biodiversity monitoring programmes and establish database centres across the country

The government is planning to introduce biodiversity monitoring programmes and establish database centres across the country with the help of the provincial governments.

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According to the working paper of the climate change ministry, the monitoring programmes would mainly focus on over-grazing, over-harvesting, water-logging and salinization, deforestation, land conversion, soil erosion, desertification, alien invasive species and environmental pollution.

The database centres would help integrate biodiversity conservation measures into sectoral initiatives and develop community-based biodiversity management systems.

The National Council for the Conservation of Wildlife (NCCW) would provide assistance to develop database about fauna and flora, and to game animals and non-game species.

The working paper also underlined the need to constitute a support group comprising opinion leaders from among the policy makers and planners to prepare and implement a strategy for increasing the biodiversity knowledge of decision makers and act as a change agent through informal communications.

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It pointed out that many facets of the impacts of climate change upon biodiversity are still unknown, and implementation of informed programmes of action requires a considerable investment in knowledge building of all stakeholders.

A dialogue will be initiated with the Planning Commission, and ministries of food security, science and technology and culture and tourism for integration of biodiversity considerations into their policies and plans.

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The capacity of the biodiversity directorate will be strengthened to implement a well-planned biodiversity education and communication strategy to create public awareness about the value of biodiversity.

The measures will be taken to integrate ecosystem and biodiversity consideration in development strategies in a wide range of sectors, including agricultural and rural development, forestry, fisheries, tourism, energy and infrastructural development.

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