Pakistan And Romania Collaborates In IT And Agriculture Sectors

Industrial, IT & Agriculture Sectors Are Offering Significant Opportunities For Development Of Romanian-Pakistani…

Pakistan And Romania Collaborates In IT And Agriculture Sectors

cooperation, says the president of Bucharest Chamber of Trade and Industry (CCIB), Costica Mustata.

He had a meeting with Zafar Iqbal, the ambassador of Pakistan in Romania where Zhakaib Rafique, first secretary of the Embassy also participated. According to a CCIB press release, the head of Bucharest Chamber made a presentation of the international activity of CCIB, based on the development of commercial-economic collaboration with non EU countries, including Asian countries, pointing out real collaboration possibilities between partners of the two countries.

“Considering the tradition of bilateral economic and commercial relations of the two economies, the building materials industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing industry, IT field and Agriculture Sectors as significant cooperation opportunities for both parties,”said CCIB president.

Zafar Iqbal, at the beginning of his mandate in this country, offered guests an overall image of the economic situation in Pakistan, pointing out the fact that besides the fields announced by the CCIB president infrastructure projects could be developed (extending and modernizing railway network).

The Pakistani ambassador assured the CCIB president of full opening  in projects that have in view commercial exchanges and bilateral economic cooperation. At the same time, the head of the Pakistani diplomatic mission informed about the availability of companies in his country to offer trained labour force in various field of activity.

The two parties considered that the joint organization of events, including the virtual field in the pandemic period, offering businessmen of the two countries the possibility to know each other and discuss concrete projects, as well as launching collaboration at chamber level are efficient steps for the development of bilateral cooperation.

In the first semester of 2020, Romanian-Pakistani commercial exchanges recorded an increase, when Romania’s foreign trade recorded a drop in that time, because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The overall value of commercial exchanges was 45.5 million dollars (+103.5% against the same period of 2019, over the level of the previous year), of which export was 32 million dollars (+196.4%) and imports of 13.5 million dollars (+16.8%).

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