Clinical Trials Of COVID 19 Vaccine To Start In Pakistan This Week

International Center For Chemical & Biological Sciences Based At University Of Karachi Has Approved For Clinical Trials of COVID 19 Vaccine .

Clinical Trials Of COVID 19 Vaccine To Start In Pakistan This Week

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Produced By A “Well Acclaimed International Company”, Added Dr Rahman, Reported Radio Pakistan On September 20.

Once the Trials of COVID 19 Vaccine are completed, the vaccine will be available for everyone between April and June next year (2021).

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In August, the National Ministry of Health Services had said the vaccine will be made available to all high-risk people on a priority basis. Healthcare professionals, government officials, elderly people and those with underlying illness are included in the high-risk population.

The National Institute of Health in Islamabad has approved phase III clinical trials in the country for a coronavirus vaccine developed by China. The approved vaccine was one of the two experimental vaccines China’s Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech had developed for COVID-19.

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