CEO World Award Wins by GreatBizTools WebAssess

GreatBizTools, an HR technology company with a 40-year history helping enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skills programs, today announced that CEO World Awards®, the world’s top C-Level and executive achievement awards program, has named GreatBizTools WebAssess “Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID19” in the 8th Annual 2020 CEO World Awards.

CEO World Award wins by GreatBizTools WebAssess

CEO World Awards celebrate the achievements of leaders, executives, and their management teams behind the year’s most outstanding initiatives and achievements. Chief Executive Officers also known as CEO lead the development of the organization’s short- and long-term strategy. This annual awards program recognizes individuals and teams who set industry benchmarks for excellence. All organizations private or public, corporations, nonprofits, associations, vendors and government organizations worldwide are eligible to enter.

“We are thrilled that WebAssess has been selected a winner of ‘Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID19’ to help people in this challenging landscape,” said Denise Leaser, CEO, GreatBizTools. “Most companies know that there will be no ‘return to normal.’ The future of work has changed, and it has changed permanently. This award further validates our mission to assist HR leaders to successfully navigate these many new challenges.”

WebAssess is a pre-hire assessment tool based on science, helping HR leaders select the candidates with the ideal skills, abilities and personality traits that make them better suited for the new Work From Home challenges faced by organizations today. WebAssess can help by remotely screening candidates in a more effective and unbiased manner than in-person in offices, addressing many recruitment concerns by quickly and remotely identifying the right people for the right job. Unbiased assessments help you create opportunities for more people while diversifying your workforce.

To celebrate this award, and because companies are struggling right now as a result of the pandemic, WebAssess is offering the full WebAssess product free with no obligation until October 15, 2020.

“Companies are beginning to hire again and they will need all the help they can get,” added Leaser. “It doesn’t have to be costly to use a turnkey solution like WebAssess, but using one will save organizations a lot of money. We are happy to assist during these unprecedented times.”

Judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2020 award winners. Winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a virtual awards ceremony in November.

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