Comic Con Africa 2020 Is Going Online

Pop culture lovers united as Comic Con Africa kicked off, bringing guests and comic book artists straight to thousands of homes.

Pop culture lovers united as Comic Con Africa kicked off on Thursday, bringing guests and comic book artists straight to thousands of homes.

Comic Con Africa is the biggest online convention on the continent and because it is online this year, anyone from any part of the world can access it.

It started with a Q and A session with former wrestling icon Bret ’The Hitman’ Hart, an interesting discussion with a panel of comic book artists on stereotypes and cases of mistaken identity.

Bret Hart gushed about South Africa and wanting to come to our shores again. “I want to go to South Africa again. I loved Cape Town and the Kruger National Park.” In the Q&A, he also told viewers of a young super fan who got his hands on signature prints.

Comic Con Africa fans can get their hands on their own signature prints from the Artchimp stand in the exhibition hall on

Canadian comic book artists took on the challenges they face as well as well as inspiration.

Ken Lashley, who is currently working on Spawn said he is doing own thing and working on both DC and Marvel. And we know what you are thinking – yes, that is allowed.

“You get to a point where you do your own thing. It’s been amazing. Take control of what you can control. I am doing covers for DC and Marvel so I just maintain balance.” He has also done a Thor cover, something he was hailed for by the other artists on the panel.

While he is doing his own thing and enjoying it, he said there has been a case where he was stopped by police.

“People think this is a new thing, but it has always been happening. There are just cameras now to film it.“

The comic book artists also discussed cases of mistaken identity and being told that it “doesn’t look like they belong there“.

Mike Rooth talked about his new work called ’Dodge’. “It’s a combination of GI Joe meets Hellboy. It has some Russian mythology and some parts are set in Vietnam.”

Rooth said inspiration can come from just about anywhere.

“Pick up anything like a dried up mushroom. Slap some paint on it. You never know when you will be inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, Casey Parsons said he is constantly experimenting with styles and comic book influences.

“I like those who break past comic book art. I like fine artists. My style is an ongoing thing and sometimes I destroy papers trying to make things work.”

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