Nintendo & HAL Tries To Bring Kirby Into World Of 3D Games

Nintendo & HAL Have Tried To Bring Kirby Into The World Of 3D Games Numerous Times In The Past, But Nothing Ever Panned Out.

Nintendo & HAL Tries To Bring Kirby Into World Of 3D Games

We’ve seen Kirby in polygonal form multiple times, but was always in 2D side-scrollers or small experimental projects. Now we might have a peek at the two companies trying to expand Kirby into the third dimension once again.

Kirby Fighters 2 randomly saw release just a few hours back, but dataminers are already digging through the game to see what they can find. Surprisingly, the game appears to be hiding some very interesting test code. Tucked away inside the data is something called “Kirby3d,” and it includes elements tied to Kirby, Blade Knight, Waddle Dees, and a sword. The code in here is completely different from Kirby’s Blowout Blast, which was a somewhat 3D Games on the 3DS. This code could very well show that Nintendo and HAL are finally ready to make the true 3D leap with Kirby.

The source code also contains a bunch of different experimental mini-projects that use a Kirby base template, but the real findings here come from “Kirby3d.” Looks like the future of Kirby could be very interesting indeed!

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