Secretary Perdue Says Congress Must Approve Ethanol Aid

Despite Estimates That Ethanol Producers Could Lose Up To $8 Billion This Year, U.S. Secretary Of Agriculture Sonny Perdue Says…

Secretary Perdue Says Congress Must Approve Ethanol Aid

he has no authority to make payments to plants through the Commodity Credit Corporation under the latest round of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP 2).

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The secretary confirmed that he believes Congress has to approve any aid for ethanol producers, meat processors, or any industry that provides further processing for agricultural commodities. “Collin Peterson is chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and it’s up to him,” said Perdue. “Congress through a majority vote could change it at any time.”

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Perdue made those comments during a stop in Jay, Florida on Monday on a tour of crop damage from Hurricane Sally.

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