Security Intelligence Seems More Powerful

The National Center for Cyber Security (NCCS) at NED University of Science and Technology, Karachi, and National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) has successfully developed an Artificial Intelligence-based Security intelligence Cybersecurity solution, named as “Security and Threat Intelligence Platform”. This solution could be the next widely discussed case study of industry-academia collaboration in Pakistan.

Security Intelligence Seems More Powerful

“Security and Threat Intelligence Platform” has integrated threat intelligence, behavioral monitoring, asset discovery, smart intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessment models. It took almost a year to develop and customize the solution as per business needs.

To commemorate the achievement, a ceremony was held at the NED University on Tuesday. Turkish Consul General Tolga UCAK, NCCPL Chairman Humayun Bashir, Vice Chancellor of NED University Prof. Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, NCCPL CEO Muhammad Lukman, PSX CEO Farrukh Khan, Jaffer Business Systems MD Veqar-ul-Islam as well as other top NCCPL and industry professionals were present at this auspicious occasion.

Chairman NCCPL and former country head of IBM, Humayun Bashir remarked that with such collaboration, Pakistan will be able to reduce its import bill in cybersecurity domain and thus help improve the overall balance of trade.

Turkish Consul General, Tolga UCAK congratulated NCCPL and NCCS for successfully achieving the milestone. Vice Chancellor of NED University, Dr. Sarosh Lodi elaborated his institution’s efforts to develop a culture of research and innovation which could aid in sustainable growth. Chief Executive officer at NCCPL, Muhammad Lukman shared his vision about making Pakistan self-reliant in cybersecurity domain. He further emphasized on importance of data and necessity of its security for the country in this age of cyber warfare.

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