Seamless, Contactless Payments: Huawei Partnering With Mondi Pay

Huawei Is Partnering With Digital Payment Company Mondi Pay To Bring Seamless, Contactless Payments To Customers In Middle East…

Seamless, Contactless Payments: Huawei Partnering With Mondi Pay

and Africa (MEA) region.

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The partnership will give Huawei customers a simple, fast and secure way to pay for online services using their mobile phone without a card.

Mondia Pay will launch on HUAWEI Mobile Services’ (HMS) AppGallery as an e-wallet service in the MEA Region. With the service available in about twenty countries in Africa. These include Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar, Liberia, and Botswana.

Mondi Pay notes the strategic partnership will allow for increased direct carrier Billing service (DCB) coverage. And IAP (In-App Purchase) kit capabilities for global developers.

This is an endorsement of Mondia Pay’s industry expertise and deep routed knowledge of Africa. Notes Simon Rahmann, CEO of Mondia Pay, Speaking about the partnership.

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“Customers across the continent will benefit from our fully integrated digital payment technology to make frictionless payments in a fast, safe and secure manner. We also support the natural progression towards cashless societies, fast-tracked by current affairs such as COVID-19.”

Adam Xiao, Managing Director, HMS and Consumer Cloud Service for Huawei Consumer Business Group MEA says the partnership is part of Huawei’s ongoing commitment to making it easier for local and global developers offer their services to millions in the MEA region.

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“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Mondia Pay. To provide Huawei users across the MEA region with even more payment options. Mondia Pay allows for contactless payments without the need for bank cards in a safe and secure manner that protects the privacy of users,” he continues.

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