A Mysterious Image Spots 190-Metres Deep In Loch Ness

Big Solid Object Was Recorded With Sonar Technology About 10 Metres Long & Was Sat 190 Metres Below Surface Of Loch Ness In Scotland

A Mysterious Image Spots 190-Metres Deep In Loch Ness

A mysterious image spotted 190-metres deep in Loch Ness has led some to hope they could have spotted the illusive Nessie.

The object picked up by sonar technology is said to be ‘solid and pretty big’ sonar contact.

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It measures around 10m and was detected by a boat owned by Cruise Loch Ness, in Fort Augustus, Scottish Highlands.

The mystery creature is likely to feed on trout and eels at the bottom of the loch, which has the largest volume of freshwater in Britain.

Director Ronald Mackenzie, 48, said: “Who knows what it is, there is quite a lot of fish at the bottom of the loch, there is carnivorous trout and eels.

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“It is quite modern equipment.

“It was at 190m deep, the loch is around 300m deep.

“It has the greatest volume of freshwater in Britain.”

This news was originally published at mirror.co.uk

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