Here’s A ‘Pokémon GO’ Promo Code For Niantic’s Birthday With Free Goodies

Who doesn’t love some free items? It’s Pokémon GO developer Niantic’s birthday today, and it’s celebrating by doling out some free stuff in its games. 

Here’s A ‘Pokémon GO’ Promo Code For Niantic’s Birthday With Free Goodies

This is an addition to the free remote raid passes you can snag in the store right now, but it also takes a little more doing: it’s a promo code with some fun little goodies on offer. The developer tweeted it out as part of its birthday celebrations earlier today

In case you’ve got some problems with the Twitter embed, here’s that code again:

You can redeem in-game with Android, or you can use this website if you’re on iOS or just feel like copy and pasting. You’ll need to sign in with either a trainer account or whatever account is linked to your Pokémon GO account, and then input the code. When you do, the items will show up in the game.

Not the biggest haul we’ve ever seen, but I can never turn down ultra balls. If you’re a stardust grinder that Star Piece will come in handy as well, though I’ll admit I’m swimming in the things recently.

Niantic recently got rid of its COVID-19 restrictions and kept others, a reaction that seems in part a reaction to continuing research that suggests that while the virus is very much alive and well, playing Pokémon GO outside is not among the riskiest activities you can do, so long as you mask up if you plan on playing with or near anyone else.

We’re still likely a long way from resuming major in-person events, but if it weren’t for the ability to take walks and catch Pokémon a lot of us might have cracked up a long time ago.

The developer also recently revealed some of its October roadmap, including an autumn event that starts this Friday and comes with the debut of Deerling and shiny Vulpix, as well as double candy when using Pinap berries.

I’ll be out there catching, because it’s nice outside and because my COVID-19 test came back negative, so: good news.

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