Farmers Requests Not To Burn Remains of Paddy Field

Agriculture Department urged upon farmers to avoid burning of remains of paddy field as it add pollution (smog) in the atmosphere.

Farmers requests not to burn remains of paddy field

The smog affects humans, plants, vegetables and also results road accidents. According to official sources, it was often observed that farmers burnt remains of crops. Punjab agriculture department constituted different teams to inspect agriculture fields. The farmers were instructed to avoid burning remains of paddy field. The smog puts negative impact on human health and also affects soil’s fertility.

The field assistants of agriculture department were instructed to report high ups in case any farmer was found burning remains of paddy crop. Action would be initiated against such farmers. The fire damaged upper part of soil which contained organic material. However, the organic material is of vital importance for land’s fertility.

The department proposed farmers to plough the crops remains as it would surely help improve health of soil. Similarly, the farmers should apply urea fertilizer after ploughing such fields.

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