NED University Develop Pakistan’s First AI-Based Rice Quality Analyzer

Students at the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) at the NED University successfully developed Pakistan’s first-ever AI-based ‘rice quality analyzer’.

NED University develop Pakistan’s first AI-based rice quality analyzer

Students at the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) at the NED University developed Pakistan’s first AI-based rice quality analyzer.

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The software is efficient enough to analyze rice within just 60 seconds based on 7 key characteristics which include – length, thickness, average weight, and percentage of broken grains.

This AI-based analyzer is far more efficient than the ones developed in the USA and Japan and is cheaper too. The accuracy rate of this analyzer is measured to be at 99%.

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Pakistan is the world’s 10th largest country to produce rice and has been exporting to a number of countries for long. The technology will not improve the analyzing process of rice, but also would improve its trust for importing countries. And thus the percentage of export could also rise.

Hafiz Ahsan-ur-Rehman, a research associate at the NCAI and a member of the Rice Quality Analyzer Software Development Team proudly announced the creation of this rice analyzer based on artificial intelligence.

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They are already receiving appreciations from major rice importers like China, India, and Bangladesh.

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