Avius Tech Company Provides Real-Time Customer Feedback Solutions

Customers who wish to provide feedback at business no longer need to physically touch a survey screen. Avius, a leading tech company that provides real-time customer feedback solutions, launched Gestures, a touchless AI-powered thumbs up/thumbs down survey experience. 

Avius tech company provides real-time customer feedback solutions

The innovative technology has launched at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the busiest airport in the world, and at LEGOLAND Florida.

The pandemic has quickly created a new operating environment for businesses who are now more than ever embracing touchless technology. Avius predicted early on during the pandemic that touchless would play an important role in society moving forward.

Customers are also demanding clean and safe ways to interact with technology. Gestures provides a fast and easy touchless way to gather information from experience feedback surveys so businesses can ensure they are meeting and exceeding expectations for customers and their employees.

“We are incredibly excited to usher in a new era of feedback, using natural human gestures – recognized by advanced artificial intelligence built-in to our kiosks – to enable people to provide touch-free customer feedback fast,” said Ben Story, co-founder, and chief executive officer, Avius.

“Customers have been telling us they want to collect customer feedback in hygiene sensitive scenarios, what better way to do that than using gestures? They are universal around the world and online – everyone understands what they mean, and you can see the respondents’ delight when leaving feedback this way.”

To engage with Gestures, customers simply stand in front of a kiosk terminal, show a thumbs up for a good experience or a thumbs down to report a not so positive experience.

Animation and sound will notify that the response has been successfully recorded. In addition to singular questions, Gestures can also be used for a series of yes/no questions.

Avius has also taken strict measures to protect privacy, such as not storing any images or results on the device. The real-time software allows businesses to instantly review data and in turn, immediately resolve an issue before it becomes a problem, and further improve the overall customer experience.

“As the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson implemented a cutting-edge restroom data collection technology to improve operations and the overall satisfaction of our passengers,” said Steve Mayers, Airport Director/Customer Experience, City of Atlanta.

“In today’s COVID environment we recognize that touchless technology is critical, and we are confident that passengers will feel comfortable using Avius gestures to provide their important feedback. This will enable us to maintain a laser focus on our passengers’ health and safety, which is currently our top priority.”

Today’s new product launch strengthens Avius’ overall product portfolio that is already capturing critical customer and employee experience data for a variety of facilities and businesses across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Universal Studios, Westminster Abbey, Merlin Entertainment Parks such as LEGOLAND and Madame Tussauds, to name a few are those who rely on Avius to help improve customer satisfaction and retention.

In addition to Gestures, Avius also offers another contact-free option. The SmartCode feature can be used alongside Avius’ anti-bacterial screens to give respondents the choice of how they leave feedback, all in a safe environment. Customers simply scan SmartCode using their phone camera to begin the survey on their own device.

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