Top 20 Best Computer Science Schools Of The United States

These are the top computer science schools. Each school’s score reflects its average rating on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding)

Top 20 Best Computer Science Schools Of The United States

Earning A Graduate Degree In Computer Science Can Lead To Positions In Research Institutions, Government Agencies technology companies and colleges and universities. These are the top computer science schools. Each school’s score reflects its average rating on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding), based on a survey of academics at peer institutions.

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Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA #1 in Computer Science (tie)5.0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA #1 in Computer Science (tie)5.0
Stanford University Stanford, CA #1 in Computer Science (tie)5.0
University of California–Berkeley Berkeley, CA #1 in Computer Science (tie)5.0
University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL #5 in Computer Science4.6
Cornell University Ithaca, NY #6 in Computer Science (tie)4.5
University of Washington Seattle, WA #6 in Computer Science (tie)4.5
Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA #8 in Computer Science (tie)4.4
Princeton University Princeton, NJ #8 in Computer Science (tie)4.4
University of Texas–Austin Austin, TX #10 in Computer Science4.3
California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA #11 in Computer Science (tie)4.2
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI #11 in Computer Science (tie)4.2
Columbia University New York, NY #13 in Computer Science (tie)4.1
University of California–Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA #13 in Computer Science (tie)4.1
University of Wisconsin–Madison Madison, WI #13 in Computer Science (tie)4.1
Harvard University Cambridge, MA #16 in Computer Science (tie)4.0
University of California–San Diego La Jolla, CA #16 in Computer Science (tie)4.0
University of Maryland–College Park College Park, MD #16 in Computer Science (tie)4.0
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA #19 in Computer Science3.8
Purdue University–West Lafayette West Lafayette, IN #20 in Computer Science (tie)3.7
Rice University Houston, TX #20 in Computer Science (tie)3.7
University of Massachusetts–Amherst Amherst, MA #20 in Computer Science (tie)3.7
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA #20 in Computer Science (tie)3.7
Yale University New Haven, CT #20 in Computer Science (tie)3.7
Brown University Providence, RI #25 in Computer Science (tie)3.6
Duke University Durham, NC #25 in Computer Science (tie)3.6
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD #25 in Computer Science (tie)3.6
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC #25 in Computer Science (tie)3.6
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN #29 in Computer Science3.5
New York University New York, NY #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
Northwestern University Evanston, IL #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
Ohio State University Columbus, OH #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
Pennsylvania State University–University Park University Park, PA #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
University of California–Irvine Irvine, CA #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
University of Chicago Chicago, IL #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA #30 in Computer Science (tie)3.4
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick Piscataway, NJ #37 in Computer Science (tie)3.3
University of California–Davis Davis, CA #37 in Computer Science (tie)3.3
University of California–Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA #37 in Computer Science (tie)3.3
Stony Brook University–SUNY Stony Brook, NY #40 in Computer Science (tie)3.2
University of Colorado–Boulder Boulder, CO #40 in Computer Science (tie)3.2
Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA #40 in Computer Science (tie)3.2
Arizona State University Tempe, AZ #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
Dartmouth College Hanover, NH #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
Texas A&M University–College Station College Station, TX #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
University of Arizona Tucson, AZ #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
University of Utah Salt Lake City , UT #43 in Computer Science (tie)3.1
Boston University Boston, MA #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
Northeastern University Boston, MA #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
University of Florida Gainesville, FL #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
University of Rochester Rochester, NY #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, MO #49 in Computer Science (tie)3.0
Indiana University–Bloomington Bloomington, IN #55 in Computer Science (tie)2.9
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI #55 in Computer Science (tie)2.9
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY #55 in Computer Science (tie)2.9
University of California–Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA #58 in Computer Science (tie)2.8
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN #58 in Computer Science (tie)2.8
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN #58 in Computer Science (tie)2.8
Iowa State University Ames, IA #61 in Computer Science (tie)2.7
University at Buffalo–SUNY Buffalo, NY #61 in Computer Science (tie)2.7
University of California–Riverside Riverside, CA #61 in Computer Science (tie)2.7
University of Illinois–Chicago Chicago, IL #64 in Computer Science (tie)2.6
University of Iowa Iowa City, IA #64 in Computer Science (tie)2.6
University of Oregon Eugene, OR #64 in Computer Science (tie)2.6
University of Texas–Dallas Richardson, TX #64 in Computer Science (tie)2.6
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
George Mason University Fairfax, VA #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
Oregon State University Corvallis, OR #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
Syracuse University Syracuse, NY #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
University of Delaware Newark, DE #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
William & Mary Williamsburg, VA #68 in Computer Science (tie)2.5
Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
George Washington University Washington, DC #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
Tufts University Medford, MA #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
University of Nebraska–Lincoln Lincoln, NE #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
University of Tennessee–Knoxville Knoxville, TN #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
Washington State University Pullman, WA #75 in Computer Science (tie)2.4
Clemson University Clemson, SC #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
CUNY Graduate School and University Center New York , NY #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
Emory University Atlanta, GA #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
Florida State University Tallahassee, FL #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
University of Central Florida Orlando, FL #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
University of Connecticut Storrs, CT #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
University of Maryland–Baltimore County Baltimore, MD #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA #82 in Computer Science (tie)2.3
Auburn University Auburn, AL #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Brandeis University Waltham, MA #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Brigham Young University Provo, UT #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
University of Kansas Lawrence, KS #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
University of Kentucky Lexington, KY #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
University of North Carolina–Charlotte Charlotte, NC #91 in Computer Science (tie)
University of Texas–Arlington Arlington, TX #91 in Computer Science (tie)2.2
Kansas State University Manhattan, KS #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
Temple University Philadelphia, PA #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
University of Georgia Athens, GA #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
University of Houston Houston, TX #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
University of Missouri Columbia, MO #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
University of South Florida Tampa, FL #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
Wayne State University Detroit, MI #102 in Computer Science (tie)2.1
Binghamton University–SUNY Binghamton, NY #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
Missouri University of Science & Technology Rolla, MO #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
University at Albany–SUNY Albany, NY #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
University of New Hampshire Durham, NH #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
University of Oklahoma Norman, OK #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
University of South Carolina Columbia, SC #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
West Virginia University Morgantown, WV #111 in Computer Science (tie)2.0
Georgia State University Atlanta, GA #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Ohio University Athens, OH #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Portland State University Portland, OR #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of California–Merced Merced, CA #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Hawaii–Manoa Honolulu, HI #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Louisville Louisville, KY #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Texas–San Antonio San Antonio, TX #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Vermont Burlington, VT #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Utah State University Logan, UT #119 in Computer Science (tie)1.9
Claremont Graduate University Claremont, CA #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Florida International University Miami, FL #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Marquette University Milwaukee, WI #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Mississippi State University Mississippi State, MS #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Oregon Health and Science University Portland, OR #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
University of Alabama–Birmingham Birmingham, AL #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
University of Louisiana–Lafayette Lafayette, LA #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
University of Massachusetts–Boston Boston, MA #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA #133 in Computer Science (tie)1.8
Clarkson University Schnectady, NY #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Dakota State University Madison, SD #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
DePaul University Chicago, IL #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
San Diego State University San Diego, CA #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Southern Illinois University–Carbondale Carbondale, IL #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Alabama–Huntsville Huntsville, AL #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Arkansas–Fayetteville Fayetteville, AR #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Colorado–Denver Denver, CO #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Idaho Moscow, ID #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Maine Orono, ME #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Massachusetts–Lowell Lowell, MA #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Memphis Memphis, TN #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Mississippi University, MS #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Missouri–Kansas City Kansas City, MO #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Nebraska–Omaha Omaha, NE #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Nevada–Reno Reno, NV #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of North Texas Denton, TX #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Tulsa Tulsa, OK #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
University of Wyoming Laramie, WY #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Wright State University Dayton, OH #147 in Computer Science (tie)1.7
Air Force Institute of Technology WPAFB, OH #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
Kent State University Kent, OH #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
Louisiana Tech University Ruston, LA #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
Montana State University Bozeman, MT #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
North Dakota State University Fargo, ND #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
University of Arkansas–Little Rock Little Rock, AR #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Mayaguez, PR #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
University of Texas–El Paso El Paso, TX #169 in Computer Science (tie)1.6
Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, FL #177 in Computer Science (tie)1.5
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Socorro, NM #177 in Computer Science (tie)1.5
Towson University Towson, MD #177 in Computer Science (tie)1.5
University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA #177 in Computer Science (tie)1.5
Bowie State University Bowie, MD #181 in Computer Science (tie)1.4
University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, CT #181 in Computer Science (tie)1.4
University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS #181 in Computer Science (tie)1.4
Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI #181 in Computer Science (tie)1.4
Oakland University Rochester, MI #185 in Computer Science1.3
LIU Post Brookville, NY #186 in Computer Science (tie)1.2
Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, FL #186 in Computer Science (tie)1.2
Walden University Minneapolis, MN #186 in Computer Science (tie)1.2

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