Cow Hugging Is Now An Allegedly Effective Way Of Relieving Stress

According To An Article By Fox News, Another Form Of Relaxation Has Suddenly Emerged And It Involves Cow Hugging

Cow Hugging Is Now An Allegedly Effective Way Of Relieving Stress

This 2020 has definitely been quite stressful especially to those who have tasted the bitter end of the pandemic. Due to the health crisis, a lot of stress has been built up due to the isolation, change in environment and lifestyle, as well as the general reality of things. Nowadays, people are seeking solace in any kind of form possible. While most people would result in getting a loving pet to take care of or even adopting plants, according to an article by Fox News, another form of relaxation has suddenly emerged and it involves Cow Hugging.

Koe Knuffelen’ new fad

There have reportedly been several people around the world that have come to embrace the alleged wellness trend. The trend reportedly originated somewhere in the Netherlands and is now known as “koe knuffelen.” According to an article by BBC, the main practice of cuddling cows is actually supposed to reduce stress built up in human beings by the release of a certain bonding hormone more commonly known as oxytocin.

Cows are specifically chosen due to their warm body temperature as well as their naturally calm demeanor. This is according to the outlet’s report. A particular farm owner who is said to promote this practice gave a statement to BBC saying cows are naturally very relaxed animals. They are said not to fight and that they do not really get in any trouble. The statement suggested to come to the fields and experience the special hugging session with cows as well as laying right next to them. It was also stated that certain people actually think that it is indeed very relaxing.

Trend catching on to other places

Certain farms in other parts of the United States have seemed to adapt this particular wellness fad, which, according to a previous 2007 study published in the known Applied Animal Behavior Science journal, is in fact also beneficial for the cows. The United States is not the only place that has seemed to adapt this trend, it was also reported that some parts of Switzerland have also adapted this particular fad. The researchers also found that when animals are rubbed, massaged, or even petted, they then experience a certain feeling of relaxation as well as pleasure.

Although the practice hasn’t really been widely accepted, the current fad has somehow been growing in popularity amongst a selected few located near cattle farms.

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