Punjab Decides To Issue E-Challans For Smoke Emitting Vehicles

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) Decided To Issue E-Challans For Smoke Emitting Vehicles, According To PSCA Spokesperson…

Punjab Decides To Issue E-Challans For Smoke Emitting Vehicles

smoke emitting vehicles will be fined up to Rs 2,000 and confiscated for three days.

On the other hand entrances and exits of the metropolitan city, busy and important roads will also be monitored with PSCA cameras.

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In this regard, PSCA, Environment Department and City Traffic Police will work together and joint operations will be launched against smoke-emitting vehicles.

  • The PSCA will also provide photographs of the emitting vehicles to the Environment Department.
  • The member of the Department of Environmental Protection will be on duty at the PPIC III Center.

The authority will identify vehicles emitting smoke on the roads the city traffic police will take actionagainst them.

The authority will also raise awareness about environmental pollution and smog on social media.

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