Schools Are Able To Appeal Over Students

In case of a school is subjected to a natural disaster like flooding or fire, and the whole data of students are spoiled, the school is liable to provide the one-year performance of students

Pandemic effect on exams:-

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the government cancelled all the exams across the country.It put the whole country in a very terrible situation. While on the other hand, the government decided to promote pupils into next classes on the basis of their previous performances and qualifications. Experts warned the authorities that the teacher might exhibit biased behaviour in evaluating students on the basis of previous results. The MPs of the UK has warned pupils that they may face a wrong evaluation in their grading system because no as such policy is arranged to calculate correct grades for each student. While it is not possible to conduct exams for the promotion of GCSE and A-level students, but it is also mandatory to save their academic year. 

Grading strategy to evaluate pupils:-

Ofqual is the relevant department in the UK to conduct exams and issue degrees or certificates. The Ofqual has presented a computed logarithm to evaluate every student on the basis of previous results. This system is introduced to avoid unrealistic high marking approach for students of choice. There will be no role of teachers to assign marks, and every student will get marks by computer software. But still, some students are worried to get low marks because they got low marks in previous exams and were unable to perform well in the last exams. But now they have to bear this because there will be no exams this year. Most of the teachers will unconsciously exhibit discriminated behaviour if they are asked to evaluate students, so Ofqual declared to postpone exams for A-level to the next year. 

Biased behaviour to Black pupils:-

The Committee of Common Education has warned the authorities that the BAME students may face a subconscious biased behaviour from teachers in the process of evaluation. The exam boards will allocate estimated grades to all students, and according to a report, there are chances for BAME pupils to get unparalleled grades as compared to White students. The authorities should build a proper policy in order to avoid any discrimination among students. 

Opportunity to appeal against estimated results:-

In the perspective of all issue mentioned above, the government has issued a policy to make an appeal against the evaluation, in case if the student is not satisfied with allocated grades. But conditions apply on re-checking of grades. As Scotland is facing an outcry regarding wrong grading system, the government of the UK has made this decision to avoid any type of hue and cry. The government wants to allay all mounting fears regarding the results of GCSE, promised with students that the appeal process would be carried out honestly. Every student will be checked again with exceptional cases in order to diminish his complaint. But this is not for individual students, and only schools are granted to make an appeal against exam boards to recheck results of their students. 

Under evaluation in Scotland:-

The schools of Scotland were declared with results of higher education this Tuesday, the majority of teachers claimed that the students are under-evaluated and given down marks than the marks they deserve. It created massive trouble for authorities to handle the mountain of students, as the standard process of grading was disrupted. Online services like law dissertation writing service is still there to help students get good grades by finishing their pending assignments.

Ofqual announcement related to wrong grading:-

The Ofqual authorities issued a clarification in the newspaper that the previous performances can never represent the present ability and intellect of students. So, schools of England are welcomed to lodge an appeal if they find any type of error or low grading in estimated evaluations. The Ofqual approved this policy keeping in view the present situation of the Scottish Education System, as critics of the Scottish system claimed that exam boards awarded grades on behalf of school records, not on the basis of previous individual performances. Thus, many students faced disadvantages in this regard because they were put in low attaining schools and wrong graded. The students are downgraded by a huge margin while there is no opportunity to challenge this wrong grading system. 

Responsibilities of schools:-

The Ofqual has demanded the previous records of every pupil at schools level, and it is the responsibility of schools to provide exam boards with correct data of every student. The schools will be only eligible to lodge an appeal if they provided data to the exam board, and all the rechecking procedure will be carried out according to that data. In case of a school missed out its historical data of students like in emergency cases, the school is responsible for the total evaluation procedure. 

In case of a school is subjected to a natural disaster like flooding or fire, and the whole data of students are spoiled, the school is liable to provide the one-year performance of students. No matter either they have to change their location, building or leadership.

Exam cancellation policy:-

Exams in England and Scotland were cancelled due to the crisis of coronavirus pandemic. The authorities decided to promote every student to next class, in this regard, the schools have to submit previous rankings of students, Ofqual with use a statistical model to estimate average grades of students. Moreover, Ofqual has announced that the results in the UK will be higher this year than the results of last year because they are trying to give relaxation to students in the pandemic. They decided to take such a step in order to prevent widespread disappointment among the pupils.

The Secretary of Shadow Education, Miss Kate Green, said that no doubt, young pupils deserve their evaluations on the basis of merit. Still, there are chances of inequity and disadvantages to the students of the backward areas. However, authorities are trying to remove this flaw as much as possible for a fair and distinct evaluation process. 

The Secretary of Education Department, Mr. Gavin Williamson said that there is now as such system of average evaluation which is the perfect substitute for the real-time exams, but we are trying to introduce a much more reliable and practical system to make the whole process fair. We aim that all the students will get high marks as compared to their last year results. In this time of crisis, we have to stand with each other positively so that our community is developed significantly. 


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