Rwanda Launches Landscape Restoration Project To Restore Forests

Rwanda Has Launched A Six-Year Landscape Restoration Project That Will Restore The Natural Forests And Increase Erosion Control…

Rwanda Launches Landscape Restoration Project To Restore Forests

and protection of marshlands and buffer zones to foster agriculture productivity in the Amayaga region in Southern Province.

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The Green Amayaga Project, whose total investment stands at US$32.7 million, is being implemented by the Rwanda Environment Management Authority in partnership with the Rwanda Forestry Authority and the districts of Kamonyi, Ruhango, Nyanza and Gisagara.

The project, supported by the Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Development Programme, will advance the restoration of the degraded forests in the area, the landscape of which covers more than 550 hectares, or 0.14 percent of Rwanda’s total national natural forests, 10 percent of the planted forest and many patches of remnant forest.

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Some 1.4 million trees will be planted through the project in the 2020/2021 Forest Planting Season alone.

Besides, 263,000 hectares of agricultural land will be restored and rehabilitated. Small and large watersheds will be rehabilitated and restored to provide water for human consumption as well as livestock and agriculture activities.

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It will promote biodiversity, foster ecosystem services, increase agricultural productivity and reduce the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to the adverse effects of climate change, according to the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, which said the project will directly benefit over 360,000 people and create approximately 150,000 green jobs over six years.

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