Launch of Web TV Channel by DIG Maqsood Ahmed

DIG Police Security and Emergency Services Division Maqsood Ahmed has launched a web TV channel at SSU headquarters.

Launch of Web TV Channel by DIG Maqsood Ahmed

On this occasion, DIG Maqsood Ahmed said that the web TV channel would broadcast TV programs related to the current law and order situation, traffic situation and general policing to strengthen coordination between the public and the police. He further stressed on the need to upgrade the units under Sindh Police Special Security Division to rid the city of all kinds of crimes.

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He further said that Web TV would broadcast public service messages as well as information about the successful operations of units affiliated to Sindh Police and Security Division.

It is worth mentioning here that this is the first web TV channel of any law enforcement agency in Sindh which is being introduced by the Security and Emergency Services Division from the platform of Sindh Police. Citizens can watch it live on YouTube 24 hours a day.

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