Meteor Fireball Appears In The Air Brighter Than Moon

People in California, Oregon, and Washington saw a Meteor Fireball and call it the most amazing fireball they have ever seen. David said IMO: “It was incredible.”

BY Jake Pearson

People in California, Oregon, and Washington call it the most amazing Meteor Fireball they have ever seen. On the evening of October 23, a meteorite fireball appeared in the air. Hundreds of people witnessed the phenomenon and flocked to the International Meteorological Organization (IMO) to report their views.

David said IMO: “It was incredible.”

Debra described her experience: “The falling object was so green and dramatic that I began to yell at the passenger in my car – ‘Oh, my God – look, look at that …’

“I saw it disintegrate into a few pieces and continued to look at how much my passenger was helping me drive.

“I wondered if it was a firecracker, but I’m sure it’s a meteorite. I went home and started checking the computer for other reports. It was definitely green.”

Julie said: “I was in my car, crossing the horizon and coming straight in front of me.

“For one to two seconds, it was almost as bright as the full moon.”

Marcia said: “For my 63-year-old routine, I have not seen asteroids, cometary observations, or anything similar in size.

“At first I almost thought it was a full moon, but it was a lunar eclipse, it was big, burning and falling.

Air flows into the holes in the rock, pushing it away and causing it to explode.

IMO said: “Meteor Fireball that appear brighter than usual. Because of the speed at which it affects the Earth’s atmosphere, fragments larger than one millimeter have the potential to produce a bright flash as it travels through the sky above.

“These bright meteorites are what we call fireballs, and they often frighten and intimidate witnesses.”

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