Google To Launch CS First Programme In Pakistan

The Ministry Of Information Technology And Telecom In Collaboration With Google Launched The CS First Programme In Pakistan.

Google To Launch CS First Programme In Pakistan

“The aim of the programme is to inculcate applied coding skills using gamification techniques in students aged between nine and 14 years,” the ministry said in a statement. The inaugural ceremony was held Wednesday at the Ministry of IT and attended by Google South Asia Head Farhan S Qureshi, Information Technology Minister Syed Aminul Haque, and IT Secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui. It was also attended by officials from TechValley Pakistan, the Telecom Foundation and the Virtual University, who will support the programme.

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The CS First programme will benefit 13 Telecom Foundation Schools nationwide in the first phase. The CS First is a free computer science course that enables young students to design their own projects using a block-based coding tool Scratch. It is being used by thousands of instructors and students in over 75 countries.

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