Spaceview Baby Monitor Is Available $120 On Amazon On $40 Discount

We Like Eufy Spaceview For Its Fish-Eye Lens, Full 330 Degree View Of Nursery & Its Reliance Local Wireless Reception Instead Of WIFI

Spaceview Baby Monitor Is Available $120 On Amazon On $40 Discount
By Amber Bouman

If you have a new parent on your holiday shopping list, one of our favorite baby monitors is currently at an all-time-low price. Eufy’s Spaceview baby monitor, with a single camera is now $120 on Amazon which is a $40 discount. The two-pack is also on sale, so you can get the monitor with two cameras for $200, which is also $40 off its normal price.

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Every household with a baby has long valued one bit of technology above all others: the baby monitor. These important devices have just begun their ‘smart’ evolution and now offer more advanced features like HD video screens, night vision and lullaby tracks. We like the Eufy Spaceview for its fish-eye lens that provides a full 330 degree view of a nursery and its reliance on local wireless reception instead of WiFi (for security reasons). All in all, it provides parents and caretakers with a solid experience: a clear view of their kids from all angles, two-way audio and a long battery life.

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Admittedly, the Spaceview isn’t perfect; the camera isn’t the easiest to mount, and the kickstand on the monitor doesn’t feel particularly robust. However, when it comes to smart or even smarter baby monitor options, this is a good option that rarely gets any cheaper.

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