GMC Is Back With The World’s First Electric Super Truck

Hummer is a brand of trucks and SUV produced by General Motor Truck Company (GMC). The first generation was introduced in 1992 by the name of M998 Humvee. It was only used by the US defense and the production of this massive truck ended in 2006.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

In 2005, GMC introduced the second generation of Humvee trucks by the name of Hummer H2. The Hummer H2 was the first truck commercially available and it was later discontinued in 2009 after the Hummer fell victim to the financial crisis and General Motors’ 2009 federal bailout and subsequent bankruptcy. “New GM” decided that a hulking paramilitary brand that sold fewer than 100,000 vehicles in its best year wasn’t worth continued manufacturing and marketing support.

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About a year ago rumors about the Hummer EV started percolating. But why another Hummer? Mainly because GM had a great opportunity of reviving a brand that people were still interested in. Earlier in 2020, GMC unveiled the Ultium battery technology that might become the Tesla’s battery killer. After months of teasers and rumors the all-electric GMC Hummer EV 2022 super truck has debuted. So far, the truck only exists in computer generated graphics. The first edition of this pickup is set to go to production phase in fall of 2021 while the full line up of Hummer EV won’t be out till 2024. As the world is turning towards a sustainable development, Hummer is the company’s first step in contributing to a greener future. The vehicle has a 350-mile range,1000 hp and produces about 11,500-pound feet of torque. Three motors connected with two ultium drive unites power the vehicle and the claims are said to be having the longest battery of any GM vehicle. The battery pack is capable of giving a range of 100 miles under a charge of 10 minutes with a 800 volt charging system. GM claims that the Hummer EV can hit 60mph in 3 seconds. It has an all-wheel steering that enables the vehicle to move diagonally that is said to the “Crabwalk” mode of the car. It has removable roof panels, 35-inch tires and an air suspension system that raises the vehicle six inches above the ground.

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The Hummer EV starts at $80,000 which is twice the price of most gas-powered trucks. But Hummer was never about affordability. Hummer was never a cheap vehicle. Why would the EV version be any different? This isn’t a vehicle expected to sell 100k+ copies. It’s value like the C8 Corvette is its limited number.

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