Locust Presence Not Reported In Country During Last 24 Hours

National Locust Control Center (NLCC) on Monday said that due to intensive survey and control operation across the effected areas pest have been completely eliminated from the country.

Locust presence not reported in country during last 24 hours

The presence of locust was not reported from any part of the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab during last 24 hours, said a press release.

Meanwhile, the joint teams of the Ministry of National food Security and Research, provincial agriculture departments and the Pakistan Army were conducting comprehensive survey and control operation against the locusts in effected districts and succeeded to eliminate its threat.

The anti-locust survey and control operations were in progress with full force as joint teams surveyed 109,972 hectares area of effected districts during last 24 hours.

In last 6 months, the NLCC carried out locust control operation in 1,134,486 hectares areas for eradicating the pest completely and avoid its emergence again, it added.

Originally published at Urdu point

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