Govt Keen to Adopt a Comprehensive Policy to Overcome Issue of Smog

Federal Minister for Climate Change, said that his government was formulating a comprehensive policy to overcome issue of smog.

govt keen to adopt a comprehensive policy to overcome issue of smog

Federal Minister for Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Monday said that his government was formulating a comprehensive policy to overcome issue of smog by adopting adequate latest techniques to ensure a clean environment in the country.

“The country has made significant efforts to improve the ambient air quality as an important component associated with quality of life,” he said while speaking to Radio Pakistan’s current Affair Program.

“We are using a new technology to decrease the impacts of smog in the country, he said, adding, which can have hazardous impact on health and environment”, he said.

“We have launched a new technology, which will further improve in the coming years. We are already giving approximately 80% subsidy to the farmers”, he mentioned.

Furthermore, he said we are ready to share this new technology with our neighboring country India as well to mitigate the impacts of smog.

He also urged people to use alternate methods to dispose of waste rather than burning.

Malik Amin said the government had also decided to shift the focus of the auto industry towards electric vehicles to overcome air pollution.

The minister said that committees had been set up at tehsil and district levels to monitor the measures for controlling environmental pollution.

He hoped that with the new technology which would prove a great milestone of successful environmental governance by the present government and help quell exacerbating challenge of the smog, which also reflects the Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government’s commitment towards taming the smog and protect public health and environment from the heinous pollution.

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